Most certainly the best Indian food in the Olympia area. The kormas are beeeeauuuuutiful.

Most certainly the best Indian food in the Olympia area. The kormas are beeeeauuuuutiful. The butter chicken and chicken tikka masala are both marvelous, as are the biryana dishes. Garlic naan is tasty and colorful, and the plain naan is nice and doughy. The lamb palak was a little heavy, with the lamb overpowered by the spinach. Not that we didn’t eat it all up and sop up every spec with last piece of naan. I suggest you order your meal at the “spicy” level. With medium, there is barely a hint of spice.
Surroundings are pleasant and serene, if a bit austere – nice tables and chairs. Prices are low and service is great. No way would we have found this place if it weren’t for a few yelpers willing to trek to the ass end of Lacey. Thanks to you all

Josaphena C.
Olympia, WA

Kind of authentic Indian food.

The butter chicken, chicken tikka masala is brilliant. If you haven’t had the veggie appetizer platter, you should! Their chutneys are freshly made and taste really good. The naans were nice and soft, and the garlic flavored naan was just too much.
You will definitely love curry corner. If you are thinking whether you should eat here, don’t. Don’t think I mean. Just go. You won’t regret it.

Ace N
Olympia, WA

Curry Corner is in my Top 3 for Indian restaurants.

I love Indian food (actually, I love all food). I lived in Manhattan for a few years so I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best food and restaurants ever. With that being said, Curry Corner — a tiny little Indian restaurant in tiny little Lacey — is in my Top 3 for Indian restaurants. It is SO good. I’ve gone in for their lunch special about 3 times now, and each time, they do not disappoint. So far, I’ve tried their butter chicken and chicken curry, both times extra spicy — so flavorful! Their garlic naan is delicious as well. Not too doughy, but just the right amount of crispy-crunchy-soft-garlicky-goodness.
They give you an enormous amount of food for the price (and it’s served on stainless steel lunch trays with separate compartments, which is kinda cool). I always look forward to Curry Corner whenever I’m in the Lacey area.

Kona K
Seattle WA