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Visit to Curry Corner is a must

Visit to Curry Corner is a must
Fri, 12/12/2008 – 06:59 ? Posted by mark
By Jean Ciallella | For The Olympian

I love East Indian food, but I have not been very impressed with what Olympia has to offer.That has changed, thanks to my friend Nancy, who urged me to try Curry Corner on the outskirts of Lacey.
I invited Nancy to come along for dinner and was treated to the best Indian food I have tasted in years.
Owner Dave Virk opened the family-run restaurant about two years ago. His brother-in-law, Manjit Singh, and Deep Singh take good care of the restaurant and patrons.The cook, formerly from Mehfil, creates the wonderfully flavored authentic dishes.We began with a plate of assorted veggie appetizers, which included samosas, filled with potatoes and peas; pakora, pieces o f cauliflower and potato dipped in a spiced batter; paneer pakora, homemade cheese dipped in chickpea batter; and aloo tikki, crisp patties of potato and green peasAll were fried, but there was not a hint of grease. Everything was light, crisp and full of flavor. They were even more delicious eaten with dollops of the sauces served at each table: tamarind (my favorite), mint and a fiery chili sauce. (I admit I didn’t touch the chili sauce because my friend, who loves very hot spicy foods, described it as “incendiary.”)
Entrees can be ordered mild, medium or spicy. I ordered chicken shahi korma, which is boneless chicken cooked with cream, cashews, nuts, raisins and spices. Nancy ordered lamb biryani, a marvelous concoction of basmati rice, succulent pieces of lamb, onions, bell peppers, broccoli and green peas, garnished with nuts and raisins.
My shahi korma was so very good. The chunks of chicken were bathed in a sensuous, delectably spiced sauce. The succulent, smooth sauce was a perfect foil against the soft crunch of cashews and sweetness of raisins. I used the warm tandoori-baked naan to scoop up bites. Heavenly! Nancy’s lamb biryani was equally delectable. The dish was served with a bowl of raiti, a refreshing blend of homemade yogurt, small pieces of cucumber and tomato, and slivers of cilantro.